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How do I shop on Aditrifashion?
Shopping on Aditrifashion is really easy. Log on to and visit our array of products. For your convenience we have categorized our best selling sections and categories in an alphabetical order. All you need to do is choose your product, compare the rates and order from the store with the lowest price right here through us.

How should I go about shopping for a big purchase in consumer jewellry on Aditrifashion?
The shopping process with us is extremely simple. Simply go to the respective product you want to buy and add it to your cart. You can choose an option of payment while check out that suits you best and proceed according to instructions.

Is it safe to order products on Aditrifashion using my credit card or checking information?
It is absolutely safe to order with us using your credit/ debit card as we do not store your personal data, except your shipping address and phone number for our reference.

Which forms of payment do you accept?
You can either check out with your credit card, debit card, internet banking, PayMate or pay cash on delivery if the product has the option to do so.

What is this shopping cart thing?
Shopping cart is a basket where you can accumulate all your products and pay the grand total at the time of check out just like you do in your nearest shopping mall.

What is checkout?
Check out is the last step of your buying process. At this step you will require to make your payments.

Why do I need a billing address?
This is chiefly for gifting purpose or the payee is out of the shipping address area.

Which credit cards do stores take?
The stores accept any standard credit card. Should you find a problem in paying with your credit card, do contact the card service provider.
How long after I submit my order is it acted upon?
The order is acted upon immediately, however it is not confirmed unless you have received a verification mail.
Why do I have to verify some information after ordering?
You must verify your order after purchase to avoid any confusion or misplacement.
How do I get a record my order?
You can get a detailed record of your order under your accounts in Aditrifashion.

Can I come to your office and pay cash?
As this is online shopping portal we do not have product with retail outlets or displayed in office.You may book your order through call or web.

Whom do I contact if my issue is not resolved?
You can email your greviances at "" Your suggestions are welcomed!

Can I use my relatives credit card to purchase the product?
This is not permitted for the reason of credit card frauds. It would result in to Criminal Offence for using other persons details of the card.

Feature Products


Rs. 649


Rs. 399

Aditri Classic Gold Plated American Diamond Bangle Set Of 2

Rs. 1149

Aditri Adorable Silver & Golden Hanging Earrings

Rs. 549